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Perhatian : cek kembali lowongan anda,

lowongan guru Mathematics Teachers PT Sinotif Indonesia


Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Teacher for Primary, Secondary, O Level, A level & IB Diploma 

With the current rapid development, SINOTIF requires the best individuals who are ready for a career, having passion in the world of education. Founded in 1991, currently SINOTIF teaches online, live and interactively. Focusing on exact education, until now SINOTIF has successfully mentored more than thirty thousand students from national and international schools.


• Fixed Monthly Salary: Basic Salary & Meal Transport Money

• Holiday allowance (THR), Health Insurance

• Teaching Bonus

• BPJS Employment: Old age insurance, death & work accidents and pensions

• Career opportunities and paths


• Teaching material in a semi-private system online

• Instilling the paradigm that exact sciences are "easy & fun"

• Planning, implementing, monitoring, and reporting on the process and progress of student learning

• Answering Math questions through the Sinotif android-based application (APLIKASI TANYA JAWAB SOAL)

• Having a leadership spirit in directing students

• Contributing to the development of online Sinotif learning media

Requirements :

  • Maximum 35 years old and bachelor degree with GPA > 3.25 or higher
  • Strong qualifications in Math
  • Excellent written and oral English and Indonesian skills
  • Experience of implementing both the National and International (Cambridge/IB) Curriculum
  • Minimum one year experience is required (Primary / O Level/ A Level/ IB Diploma School) or (SD/SMP/SMA)
  • Experience in teaching International / National schools in Jakarta will be an advantage
  • Full time commitment (working hours Monday to Friday 13.30-21.15, Saturday 08.30-14.00)
  • Be able to work in team, proactive, discipline and familiar with technology for online teaching (office, Zoom, able to operate drawing pad, pentablet and other KBM supporting websites)
  •  Has the willingness to improve and learn continuously
  • Mastering online and live interactive teaching techniquesP
  • Physically & mentally healthy


  1. Written test : Math
  2. Teaching Demo Video
  3. Micro teaching
  4. Personal Interview

Location: Tangerang (Serpong); Bekasi (Kemang Pratama)

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